Trotting To The Fair

Alfred Perceval Graves

Trottin’ to the fair
Me and Molly Molony
Seated, I declare
On a single pony

How am I to know
That Molly’s safe behind
With our heads in, oh
That awkward, awkward way inclined

By her gentle breathin’
Whispered past my ear
And her white arms wreathin’
Warm around me here

Thus on Dobbin’s back
I discoursed the darling
Till upon our track
Leaped a mongrel snarling

“Ah” says Moll “I’m frightened
Frightened that the pony’ll start”
And her pretty hands she tightened
Round my happy heart

Till I axed her: “May I
Steal a kiss or so?”
And my Molly’s grey eye
Didn’t answer no