The Rights Of Man


I speak with grandeur one night in slumber
My mind did wander near to Athlone
The centre station of this Irish nation
A congregation unto me was shown
Beyond my counting upon a mountain
Near to a fountain that clearly ran
My feet did tremble I’ll not dissemble
As they assembled for the Rights of Man

All clad in green there I thought I seen
A virtuous Queen who was grave and old
Saying children dear now do not fear
But come and hear what I will unfold
This fertile country for seven centuries
Since Strongbow’s entry upon our land
Has been kept under with woes unnumbered
And always plundered of the Rights of Man

My cause you chided you so derided
And when divided alas you know
All in disorder round Erin’s border
Strife grief and murder have left you low
Let each communion detest disunion
In love and union join hand in hand
And believe oul’ Graine that proud Britannia
Shall no more rob you of the Rights of Man

Then I caught the crowd, they all spoke aloud
And fighting stopped then bowed to take advise
They seemed delighted and all united
Not to be fighting, but to rejoice
Her harp so pleasing she played amazing
I still stood gazing, but could not understand
As I most enchanting and most endearing
Saying always be true to the Rights of Man