The Pride Of Glencoe


As I was a walking one evening of late
Where Flora’s green mantle the fields decorate
I carelessly wandered, where I do not know
By the side of a fountain that lies in Glencoe

Like she whom the pride of Mount Ida had won
There appeared a wee lassie that shone like the sun
The ribbons and tartans around her did flow
That once graced MacDonald, the pride of Glencoe

Said I, “My young lassie, your enchanting smile
And your comely fine features have my heart beguiled
And if your affections on me you’ll bestow
You will bless the happy hour we met in Glencoe”

“Young man,” she made answer, “Your love I disdain
For I once had a sweetheart, MacDonald by name
He went to the war nearly ten years ago
And a maid I’ll remain till he return to Glencoe”

He finding her constant, he pulled out a glove
Which in parting she gave him as a token of love
She ran to his arms and the tears down did flow
Saying, “You’re welcome, my Donald, come back to Glencoe”

A Scottish song as sung by the late Tony Cuffe.