The Banks Of The Bann


When first unto this country a stranger I came
I placed my affections on a maid that was young
She being young and tender, her waist small and slender
Kind nature had formed her for my overthrow

On the banks of the Bann is where I first beheld her
She appeared like Regina, the fair Grecian Queen
Her eyes shone like diamonds or stars softly shining
Her lips were like roses or blood drops on snow

It was her cruel parents who first caused her variance
Because she was rich and above my degree
But I’ll do my endeavors to gain my loves favour
Although she is born of a high family

My name it is Delaney, that’s a name that won’t shame me
If I had had money, I would never have roamed
But the drinking and sporting, night rambling and courting
Are the cause of all my ruin and absence from home

But now that I have gained her I am happy forever
With rings on her fingers and gold in her ear
And now by the banks of the lovely Bann waters
In peace and contentment I’ll live with my dear

As sung by the fabulous Silly Wizard.