The Ballad Archive

A collection of mainly Irish song lyrics. You will also find plenty of Scottish and some English, American and Australian lyrics too. Online since 1996.

Workmans Friend (The)

When things go wrong and will not come right Though you do the best…

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The worms crawl in and the worms crawl out The ones that go in…

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Writing Of ‘Tipperary’ (The)

King Edward the Seventh, who some called The Peace Maker Died back in nineteen-and-ten…

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Ye Jacobites By Name

Ye Jacobites by name lend an ear, lend an ear Ye Jacobites by name…

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You Are Always On My Mind

Before I met you, everything was dreary I passed my time from day to…

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Young Hunting

Young Hunting’s to the castle gone As fast as he could ride He’s a…

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Zoological Gardens (The)

Thunder and lightning is no lark When Dublin City is in the dark So…

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