Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore (1)


From Derry quay we sailed away
On the twenty-third of May
We were taken on board by a pleasant crew
Bound for Amerikay
Fresh water then we did take on
Five thousand gallons or more
In case we’d run short going to New York
Far away from the shamrock shore

Then fare thee well, sweet Liza dear
And likewise unto Derry town
And twice farewell to my comrades brave
That dwell on that sainted ground
If fame or fortune shall favour me
And I to have money in store
I’ll go back and I’ll wed the wee lassie I left
On Paddy’s green shamrock shore

At twelve o’clock we came in sight
Of famous Mullin Head
And Innistrochlin to the right stood out
On the ocean’s bed
A grander sight ne’er met my eyes
Than e’er I saw before
Than the sun going down ‘twixt sea and sky
Far away from the shamrock shore

We sailed three weeks, we were all seasick
Not a man on board was free
We were all confined unto our bunks
And no-one to pity poor me
No father kind nor mother dear
To lift up my head, which was sore
Which made me think more on the lassie I left
On Paddy’s green shamrock shore

We safely reached the other side
After fifteen and twenty days
We were taken as passengers by a man
And led round in six different ways
Then each of us drank a parting glass
In case we’d meet no more
And we drank a health to old Ireland
And Paddy’s green shamrock shore

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