Molly Bawn

Samuel Lover

Oh come all ye late fellows that follows the gun
Beware of night ramblin’ by the setting of the sun
Beware of an accident as happened of late
It was Molly Bawn Leary and sad was her fate

She’d been gone to her uncle’s when a storm it came on
She drew under a green bush the shower for to shun
With her white apron wrapped around her he took her for a swan
Took aim and alas it was his own Molly Bawn

Oh young Jimmy ran homeward with his gun and his dog
Sayin’ uncle, oh, uncle, I have shot Molly Bawn
I have killed that fair female, the joy of my life
For I’d always intended that she would be my wife

Oh young Jimmy Ranlon, do not run away
Stay in your own country till your trial it comes on
For you’ll never be convicted of the shootin’ of a swan

Well the night before Molly’s funeral her ghost it did appear
Saying uncle, dearest uncle, let young Jimmy run clear
It being late of an evening when he took me for a swan
Took aim and alas he killed his own Molly Bawn

Now all the girls of this country they seem to be glad
Now the flower of Glen Ardagh, Molly Bawn she lies dead
Get all the girls of this country and stand them into a row
Molly Bawn would shine above them like a fountain of snow