Luke, A Tribute

Michaél O'Caoimh

The years have passed the winds have blown
Since first I saw you there
With feet apart to the music moved
You’re bright red curling hair
The spotlight shone in colours bright
Reflecting on your face
The music notes so sweet and clear
In the spirit of your race

Your songs told tales of peace and joy
Of sorrow and of love
The power and passion of your voice
Soared heavenly above
And from the inner soul and heart
With emotion in each song
You stirred the hearts of many, Luke
When you sang of right and wrong

The humour of those laughing eyes
Was shared in full with all
When you chose the songs to lift the hearts
That filled the music hall
The ecstasy and joy was felt
In chorus, clap and cheer
When the son of Rósín took the stage
The King of balladeers

I saw you sing a thousand times
Ten thousand songs or more
I still can clearly hear your voice
Though your time with us is o’er
For memories are all we have
When we think of you today
Your name we’ll always honour Luke
We’re glad you passed this way

This moving ballad was written about the late, great Luke Kelly who died in 1984.