Lovely Old Miltown

Kathleen Hayes

My countrymen, I take my pen, to write a verse or two
And as I leave, to cross the sea, I’ll bid a last adieu
Our slender boat is now afloat, and the Foyle we’re sailing down
And as I leave, my heart but grieve, for lovely old Miltown

Could I but see old Spanish Point or Ennistymon’s plain
Mount Callan hill where oft I’ve been, to join the old refrain
Her mountainside, I’ve roamed with pride, and plenty of renown
And I’ve been there at many a fair, in lovely old Miltown

Many nights I’ve spent in sweet content, with lads and lassies gay
And songs were sung by old and young, before I went away
Amerikay, lies far away, and Philadelphia town
But I’ll not forget all the friends I left in lovely old Miltown

So fair thee well to hill and dale, and to my comrades fair
And twice farewell to my own dear girl, I left in County Clare
St Patrick’s Day, though far away, the shamrock I will drown
And I think of thee, a grá mo chroí, and lovely old Miltown

“A locally-composed song based on a Donegal song Lovely Old Fintown. The air is used for several songs, including Hills of Glenswilly, Glenswilly, Homes of Donegal… etc.”
Jim Carroll