Long Kesh

Collins | Hogarty

There’s a place just outside Lisburn
It’s a place that’s known to few
Where a group of Irish rebels
Are held by Faulkner’s crew
They are forced to live in cages
Like the inmates of Bellevue
But the spirit of 1916 will always see them through

The men in this vile place
They come from far and near
Some from the Derry Bogside and Omagh town so near
And some of them from Belfast
From the Markets and the ‘Bone
From the narrow streets of Ardoyne
And all around Tyrone

On that black day in August
When Faulkner showed his hand
He thought that by internment
He could break our gallant land
But the boys from Ballymurphy
How they showed the way that night
And they taught those English soldiers
How Irish men could fight

Long Kesh has shown to everyone
The system must be broke
Ardoyne, the Newlodge and the Falls
Will see the system choke
No more the special powers act
Those deeds will invoke
And Long Kesh will be the U-stone
On which the system’s broke

A word now Irish people
No matter where you are
Remember our brave rebels
In Long Kesh this year
And by civil disobedience or any other way
Let’s make a stand until the day
Each one of them are free