Kitty Magee


I’ve kissed and courted them all
Gentle and simple, short and medium and tall
But kept a merry heart free
‘Til it was stole unknownst by Kitty Magee
Her smiling face, her slender waist
Her lips would tempt a saint to taste
Oh, sure it was small blame to me
To lose my heart to Kitty Magee

‘Twas down at Ballina Fair
Colleens and boys were gaily stepping it there
And I the soul of the spree
When I set eyes on Kitty Magee
Her smile so sweet, her step so neat
Hide and seek her two little feet
Gliding just like a swan at sea
Went handsome, winsome Kitty Magee

And now I’m dreaming all day
Sighing from dark to dawn and wasting away
Like a lone bird on a tree
Sighing the long hours through for Kitty Magee
Oh, darling dear, the shrove is near
Say the words I’m dying to hear
Promise me mine you soon will be
Handsome, winsome Kitty Magee