Derwentwater’s Farewell


Farewell to pleasant Dilston Hall
My father’s ancient seat
A stranger now must call thee his
Which gars my heart to greet
Farewell each friendly, well-known face
My heart has held so dear
My tenants now must leave their lands
Or hold their lives in fear

And when the head that wears the crown
Shall be laid low like mine
Some honest hearts may then lament
For Radcliffe’s fallen line
The warning bell now bids me cease
My trouble’s nearly o’er
Yon sun that rises from the sea
Shall rise on me no more

And fare thee well, George Collingwood
Since fate has put us down
If thou and I have lost our lives
Our King has lost his crown
Fareweel, fareweel, my lady dear
III, ill, thou counselled me
I never more may see the babe
That smiles upon thy knee

Sir James Radcliffe, third Earl of Derwentwater, was brought up at the Palace of St. Germains as a companion to the Prince of Wales, later King James III. In 1715 he joined in the king’s action to regain his thrones. Radclyffe was taken prisoner at the Battle of Preston. He was found guilty of treason, sentenced to death, and beheaded, February 24, 1716. He was only 27 years old. The Corries‘ superb arrangement features Northumbrian pipes playing the melody and F drone, with added harmonies on harmonica & whistle. There are six verses in the original ballad, this arrangement uses verses 1, 6, 3.