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Words of ballad poem

I am looking for a name of a ballad that i heard one day on the radio. Its about an irishman that went to england and promised his mother that some day he would return. The ballad goes on to say that one day after many years in england he decided when sitting at the bar that he would go back to ireland. When he did go back to Ireland when he was walking up to his home place a letter was arriving at his home in England stating that his dear mother had died. Be glad of any help tks

I got this by mail today:

Kris wanted to know the ballad name of an
Irishman living in London for many years
& after a chat in a pub felt guilty, saved up
enough money to go back to his home in
Ireland for Christmas & to see his mother
after being so long away from home.

As he sets off for Ireland, on a table in the
hallway of his abode in England is an unopened letter saying his mother has passed away and will be buried on Christmas

It's a lovely ballad, I do have it somewhere.
If and when I find it I'll send it to you.

It's name ie Morriearty might be spelt differently, and its sung by JOHN KERR

Regards, Chas Gallagher

I have found ballad name Morriarty requested by Kris, but it's on Audio tape.

Regards Chas.