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the mass rock on the glen

i hope someone can help me here with the full lyrics to this ballad!! it will make two pensioner mates of mine very happy!!!!

How you doing?

I was asked for this last night as well by a friend.

I have the song on tape and could send a copy of the song or the lyrics though im off work next week and wont get access to this until a week Monday.

if you havent had any joy then ill send you it then

Garngad Irish Heritage Group

cheers jps!! my dad and his mates would sing this song and many others at any chance they could get in the seventies! but for the life of us none of us can remember more than the first verse!! thanks for replyin to my query and whether i recieve the lyrics or not by the date your back online it'd be good to hear back from you! all the best mate!

I would also appreciate if you could get these lyrics for me. Any chance?

Hi, just read your comments from 2005 and dont know if your still interested in this, i have the lyrics if wanted, my great grandfather wrote this ballad

Hello everybody,

Is it this one?

The Mass Rock In The Glen
(Felix Kearney)

In a lonely mountain valley
In the hills of Donegal
Lies one of Ireland's hallowed spots
Deserted and unknown
But few who write historic tales
Or wield the poet's pen
Can say with pride - they knelt beside
The Mass Rock in the glen

Our priests like wolves were hunted down
O God 'twas surely hard
That from the right to worship Thee
Thy children were debarred
But still they proudly bore
Thy cross Those simple mountain men
Were proud to share Thy Calvary
By the Mass Rock in the glen

No more on top of Croagh Hill
The sentinel stands guard
Our ancient foes, the foreign yoghs
Have gone to their reward
And he who worships God in peace
May bless the fearless men
Who held the faith for Ireland
By the Mass Rock in the glen

God Bless the glens of Ireland
Every rock and mountain pass
'twas those game glens that under God
Preserved for us, the Mass
And if the day should come again
When Ireland calls for men
She will not find them wanting
By the Mass Rock in the glen

I have never heard of this song! I've read quite a bit about the mass rocks of Ireland and would LOVE to get the music for this song! Does anyone have it? Or know where I can get it? Thanks!

This poem has been correctly acknowledged as the work of the poet Felix Kearney of Co Tyrone. As posted previously, Felix was my grandfather and his works were first published in the early 50s (long since out of print) but have been published recently in a hardback book 'This is my native place'- Collected Songs and Poems by Felix Kearney. The words to the Mass Rock as posted are incorrect - somehow the song appears to have been set in Co Donegal when in fact the song is about a Mass Rock at Corradinna Hill which was close to where Felix spent most of his life working as a farm labourer. I believe the aformentioned book had a limited publication run but I will make enquires and let you know if it can still be purchased.

I have checked with the Strule Arts Centre in Omagh and they have copies of the book that I mentioned in my previous post. They can be contacted at or by phone ob 028-82247831.


Hi Padraig,
My great, great, great grandfather Peter Gallagher came from Corradinna around 1820 and settled in Newburgh New Brunswick Canada. According to family legend he was studying to be a priest but was involved in a dispute with an Englishmen which forced him to flee to America. He has over 1300 living descendants in the US and Canada today. I am trying to find any information of his family in Ireland. I would be interested in corresponding a bit. Maybe I can learn some more about this area from you. Could you please send me an email?
Thanks in advance,
David Johnston