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the little irish girl

i'm looking for the lyrics to a song my father sang in the 1940's, called (i think) "the little irish girl." it started out "as i went out one morning/in tipperary town/i met a little colleen/among the heather brown." i don't know the composer. thanks for any help you can give. ~~julianna

Hi Julianna,

I managed to find this info for you. it seems this song was copyrighted in 1903 by Hermann Lohr and Edward Teschemacher. It was published by Chappel & Co.

The Little Irish Girl

This version is set up for two voices.
Each verse has four lines, but due to the two
different parts, it may not look that way on paper.

M) As I went out one evening to Tipperary town,
M) I met a little colleen a-moung the heather brown.
M) Oh, says I perhaps you're lonely, she tossed her pretty curl.
F) Well maybe I prefer it!
M) Och, the dear little girl.

M) Says I, perhaps you're married?
F) Says I, perhaps I'm not!
M) Says I, I'll be your gossoon,
F) Says I, I'll not be caught!
M) Oh, your eyes are like the ocean, and your heart is like a pearl.
F) 'Tis true, then I will keep it!
M) Och, the dear little girl.

M) Says I, I've got a cabin and pigs that number seven,
M) And oh, with you ma-yourneen sure, the place would be like heaven.
F) Oh, I looked into his eyes then, my heart was in a whirl!
M) The little pigs had done it! Och, the dear little girl!
F) The little pigs had done it!

Hi Juliana,

Thank you for asking the question about the words to the Little Irish Girl. The sheet music for it is in a collection of songs and is
available through

It is wonderful to sing and perfect for a St.Patrick's Day

I would like to thank the person who sent you the words as
it helped me identify the song. I was born in Ireland and now live
in Canada,


i'm a little late (by 5 years) in thanking the person who found the lyrics to "the little irish girl"...but, thank you so much! i just now found this site again through google. i had almost given up finding the lyrics. my father was a baritone, and this song was one of his encore songs (along with "the road to mandalay" and "old man river.") it was a favorite with his audiences. again, many thanks!