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the hills above drumquin

does any body know the words of the hills above drumquin

God bless the hills of Donegal.I've heard their praises sung
In days long gone beyond recall, when I was very young;
I oft times pray to see the day before life's course is run
That I should sing the praises of the hills above Drumquin.

God bless the hills of Dooish, be they heather-clad or lea,
The wooded glens of Cooel, and the fort at Dunaree,
The green-clad slopes of Kirlish as they meet the setting sun,
Descending in their glory to the hills above Drumquin.

The whins around Drumbarley make the hills a yellow blaze,
When the heather turns to purple on my native Dressaugh braes,
The limestone rocks of Claramore are glistening in the sun,
When nature's at it's grandest on the hills above Drumquin.

I've roamed the Scottish Highlands with their beauty rare and grand;
I've rambled through the Lowlands; it's a cold and heartless land,
I'll never be down-hearted when each day's work is done;
My mind goes back at sunset to the hills above Drumquin.

Drumquin, you're not a city, but you're all the world to me;
Your lot I ne'er will pity though you never greater be,
I love you as I know you, when from school I used to run,
On the homeward journey through you to the hills above Drumquin.

This life is sad and dreary, and the task of it is sore,
My feet are growing weary, I may never wander more;
So lay me down in Langfield, when the course of life is run,
On the sheltered side of Dooish, 'neath the hills above Drumquin.

Although Monica has provided the words to the 'Hills above Drumquin' she has not acknowledged the writer of this fine song. It was written by my grandfather, Felix Kearney of Drumquin whose works have been recognised by the Drumquin Gaelic Football Club by a commemorative stone outside the village of Drumquinin Co Tyrone N Ireland. You may be interested in looking out for details of The Hills above Drumquin Festival which is held each October in Drumquin where Felix Kearney's work and other traditional music gets a good airing.

great to have this!
Has anyone out there got guitar accompaniment chords (simple) for the song?
I tried various tab sites but nothing.
I know Arty McGlynn played guitar for the late David Hammond ( I just found out this minute that he had died in August) singing this but it's too virtuoso for me.