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"Little Green Men Hanging Round my Den"

Been looking for this old song everywhere. I can't remember all the versus but here are a few.

Little Green Men hangin round my den and I sometimes wonder why, with their shaggy hair they sit and stare till my doggone bottle goes dry.

I'm gonna have some fun, I'm gonna catch me one, I'm gonna sneaky little up behind. I said alakadab and made a lightning grab and came up with my bottle of wine.

Chorus: I see them, I see them, don't tell me their not there.
I see them, I see them, I see them everywhere.

An elephant pink crawled outta the sink and snuggled up in my bed
A striped ape in a big black cape is tapping on the top of my head.
A purple mole's in the goldfish bowl, he's trying to steal a drink
And a grizzly bears in a rockin chair, he's fishing in a bottle of ink


Any help in finding all the versus and correct lyrics would be greatly appreciated. Thanx so much

Looks like you've got most of them covered. 🙂 Just missing the polkadot snake with a tennis shoe on and the sharkstooth tiger with a gas tank on her tale.

Hi the name of the song is I See Them Everywhere by Hank Thompson. if you Google I see them everywhere lyrics you should be able to find them