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Johnny McEvoy & Dermot Hegarty

I am looking for music of irish singer johnny mcevoy & dermot hegarty?. many years ago i had a tape of Johnny McEvoys called "SINCE MAGGIE WENT AWAY". i am wondering is that avilable on a cd also..

Mike Sullivan

Hello Mike,
Just picked up your site, are you the same Irish Mike
I have been trying to contact? Let me know what you
Dermot Hegarty

I have a great single of Dermot Hegarty one side is Only Her Rivers Run Free and the other side is Wee Rosie, a real tear jerker the record is autographed bt Dermot, Brendan Kealy and Larry Gallagher

im looking for a wee rosy by dermot hegerty
as a 70th birthday prescent either as single or to download on cd all help would please will pay high price