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forgotten song title

When I was a child my Irish grandmother used to sing me a song - I can only remember a few phrases (I am now 62 so memory is fading - fast. My father cannot remember the title or even if it was actually a writtern down sogn or just passed down from generation to generation. She was an immigrant during the eary 1900's - married and then her son married into my mother's family who owned a fair ground. All I can emember are the following phrases. Can anyone please help me? It would make my dad very happy. He is now 87 and in failing health.

Fither (or Fiddle) among the fistle (or thistle) doodle do
Danny did a died of
Has any body here seen ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,from the East of Kilpatrick

Sorry thats all I have and its driving me crazy!!!!!!
My unednding gratitude to anyone out there who can help.

Pam Harper (family name Dooley)