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Does Anybody Reply On Here Anymore?

Seems very very few requests are ever answered on here. Is anybody monitoring this site?????


I don't think anybody logs onto this site anymore...shame coz i'm stuck for a song title. Im still waiting for my request to be answered. Do you know of any other sites I could look up ??

You know how it is... There's so many takers, so few givers. That's the current state of humanity.

Moderator? Dont think so from the trouble I had logging on!!!

In addition problem may be because most of the requests are for songs from the past and the youngsters of today dont know any except boom..bang...bang.

Computer skills and indeed 'forums' may not be within the desired realms or hobbies of 'some' elderly (like me).

There are many requests here which contain a line, or a few words from old songs which I knew off by heart and sang, but sadly cannot recall nowdays.

Perhaps, more than a few words of a song request might rekindle the old brain cells.