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ballad background

Can someone please give me as much background as possible to the song Eileen Alannah. My mother was christened Eileen but nicknamed Lana because of this song. She came to love singing herself & has been a soloist most of her life (now 76 years old & still singing solos.) The last words of the song are Augus Asthore? What does this mean? Did the composer know an Eileen Alannah? Was this a common name in those days? My mother has the original sheet music (& I have photos of it) published by Evans & Co. It doesn't give the date of publishing. Do you know? Who sang it originally? I see the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers played it for some years - which years? Where was J.R.Thomas from and the writer E.S.Marble?
My mother Eileen (Lana) Peat was born in Auckland New Zealand as was I. Her parents were from Northern Ireland which I happily visited in 1988.

See Wapedia - wiki : Royal Irish Rangers -
Music of the Regiment
Much of your query is fully explained there.
Lovely old song I used to play on a wind-up-gramophone
60 years ago!!

agus a stor in irish means 'and, my darling'
alannah is another endearment so it means "eileen, my sweetheart and my darling"